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Process - Working Together

BIG firmly believes that the best possible program design can only be achieved after establishing a clear set of objectives for your company program.

Our BIG "Choice" Benefits cafeteria plan has a great deal of appeal to companies seeking to install a system that will enable them to improve employee satisfaction while better managing their ever increasing benefits costs. BIG offers programs that provide more manageable choices without increasing cost. Employees and their families have varying benefit needs. When they have more choices they are more satisfied.

Our Benefits Process Service is a systematic approach to help any organization make the right benefits decisions. We believe the process is what aligns your corporate goals and strategies to the benefit plan design and it's communication. By applying the process you will insure that you achieve maximum employee satisfaction while supporting your corporate objectives and budgets.

  Our four step process:
  • Assess—Define the project, get to know you, and fact-find on key information;
  • Analyze—Review all key information, develop appropriate carrier and/or services to meet project goals;
  • Implement—Define the overall project implementation timeline, assist with communication development, and identify appropriate administration solutions;
  • Maintain—Conduct ongoing reviews and measures of how the defined benefit goals compare to actual results.