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Benefit Insurance Group (BIG) understands the challenges your company faces—and has what it takes to help you provide the right mix of employee benefits, at the right cost.

We firmly believe the best possible program design can only be achieved when your company establishes a clear set of employee benefit goals. As our satisfied clients have attested, BIG’s ‘Choice’ Benefits cafeteria plan can enable you to better satisfy your employees’ diverse benefits needs, while controlling overall benefit costs.

  The Right Mix

When designing employee benefit plans, finding the right mix for your company’s benefit plan rests on three important principles:
  • Benefits Design customized to meet your company’s specific goals
  • Benefits Communication to ensure your employees understand their benefit options so they make the right choices
  • Benefits Administration to give your company affordable, high-quality administration and support services

This unique combination of customized benefits design, communication and administration helps you form a partnership with your employees.



“BIG’s choice benefit plans enabled us to add much desired benefits and still substantially reduce our overall costs. We are very pleased with the program.”
- John Kearney, EVP



The Right Cost

Through our partnerships, BIG offers the perfect balance of benefits expertise at the right cost with the flexibility to customize a program to fit your company’s needs. This combination of services delivers substantial cost savings with the highest level of employee appreciation.

The Right People

The BIG “Choice” Benefit Plan consists of a team of experienced benefit professionals, who have the extensive knowledge and expertise to deliver outstanding results for your company.